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Customer value is the route to survival for many businesses and it necessitates the capability to think out of the box and out-value the competition. Marketing is best viewed as the function that manages connections between the organization and the customer. The primary connections may be viewed as the customer–product, the customer–service delivery, and the customer–financial accountability connections.

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Calfaro – provides full- spectrum Marketing Solutions for your Business. We are on top of the emerging trends, since we understood the market well and our client needs.

Why our Clients choose Calfaro?

  • Marketing Expertise
  • Partnering
  • ROI Driven
  • Transparency
  • Ethics & Integrity
  • Technology Capabilities

The marketing philosophy that holds that accomplishing the organizational goals relies upon deciding the necessities and needs of target markets and delivering the desired fulfillments more effectively and efficiently than competitors do.


Innovative marketing has always been at the heart of strategy, understanding the client, making appealing propositions and then communicating in a fascinating way that drives them to purchase.

What we mean full-spectrum:

  • Abilities to frame innovative Strategies
  • Subject Matter Expertise.
  • Analytical abilities
  • Hands on exposures to tools & techniques
  • Creative designs & Videos for visual effects
  • Proven Record of accomplishment
  • Reach out leads to Business growth
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  • UK
  • Singapore
  • India
  • Europe
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  • Africa

Full Spectrum Marketing Solutions


Why to Refine – Topline?

As entrepreneurs, it becomes inevitably important for you to assess your business and its ability to grow. Focusing on the bottom line—profits—is by far the most common practice by business owners. It is important to pay attention to the top-line as well—gross sales and revenues of a business, in order to sustain success and capture a major portion of the market share.

Enhancing Marketing for Topline Growth

Obviously an important supporting factor in increasing sales is boosting your marketing. By conducting appropriate marketplace research and discerning customer needs, and running ad campaigns and promotions, a business can increase its sales considerably

Demand Generation is the strategic approach. In an age of enlarged technology and race, companies are concentrating on executing new means of demand generation. Evolving and increase an effective sales pipe is very crucial for success - but can remain expensive and time consuming to uphold.

What we mean?

What we mean the Demand Generation is ‘focus of target marketing initiatives to drive awareness and interest in our Clients’ Products / Services with measurement of results from such initiatives and integrations with other programs”. Demand Generation is not only a number Game, but a Value Play.

How SEO Generates Higher Returns?

An effective SEO not only takes care of complete analysis of a website and implementation of necessary changes but also facilitates making the essential on-page strategies. This leads to huge traffic and consequently, to high revenues.

Improved Global Performance

When one invests in SEO, certain other significant aspects such as user experience, Content, Technical Performance, and so on, are also being taken care of—making generation of more revenue possible—along with offering better visibility, credibility, and linking.

Make use of Search Engine Optimization - Unquestionably the efficient marketing investment you can make to boost revenue while enhancing website quality and expanding your reach.

Weaving a strong network around you with powerful social media contributions and branding your self is the new fashion of approach in business improvement.

Social Media is the platform on which you can showcase yourself. Each popular social media has a special purpose. To connect with the business people and with the same industry, there is LinkedIn. To share information between family and friends, you have facebook. To display your passion you have Pinterest and for the visual treat you have Instagram. Above all, for everything you have Twitter.

Branding is very important to companies in order to develop their businesses to other areas. It is the proud identity of the company representing and reflecting all the aspects of the business as a package. Parallel to the company branding, individual or personal branding also is growing up. Company Brands, advertisements and sales are seen as intermingled single aspect.

Adopting strategies such as Link Wheeling, infusing Optimization with branding for outstanding Content, using relevant keywords to focus brand identity, and employing catchy visuals, you can achieve better ranking and thus build brand awareness

The result of an effective Public Relations Strategy is to improvise the business through larger consciousness and awareness about the products or services of an organization. How to makeup the Public Relations strategy? - it all depends on how do you communicate within and outside of your organization, the events your organization plan, your corporate social responsibilities or community works impacts your Public Relations.

What we suggest building a strong Public Relations strategy:
  • Corporate Communications
  • Media relations
  • Community Contributions
  • Events Management
  • Crisis Management

Value Added Engagements

(Maximization of Customer Values)

By adopting technology and moving your business into the cloud, every single process in the organization becomes simpler and faster. Leveraging technology for the betterment of activities and accelerating business is the order of the day

  • Web Design
  • Hosting
  • Apps Development


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I'm very Happy with them on their responsiveness and great communications to get things done
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Calfaro is a awesome SEO Team to work with.not only did they do a great job to
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all,their prices are reasonable EXCELLENT!