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Make Marketing a Science – Measure what you do

Business owners will come to know about the status of their ad only from properly measuring the conversion-related metrics properly. Your ad may be drawing myriad attracted customers, or it may have failed miserably and become a dud, wasting your resources. Cautious metrics gives insight to surpass uncertainty in this connection.

By making use of conversion tracking, you get to see how efficiently your ad clicks are leading to valuable client activity. Enabling businesses to assess the performance of their ad campaigns, conversion tracking helps them arrive at how to go about their ad spending in future


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Cool Conversion Tracking – Track Leads as well as Sales

Total visits by audience

Measuring the total number of visits gives a clear picture about how your campaign manages web traffic—it is possible to see drop, if any, and take necessary steps

New Sessions

Number of new sessions explains how sticky your website really is, to attract new visitors.

Channel-specific metrics

This enables an understanding of which channels get to outperform others

Bounce rate

the portion of visitors leaving your site without further interaction is denoted by this

Total Conversions

Helps in measuring your marketing efforts’ overall profitability

Lead to Conversion Ratio

ratio between total number of sales to total number of leads gives sales success

Client Retention rate

Lower the client retention, the less sticky your site is

Customer Value

helps in calculating overall return on investment

Cost per lead:

ratio between total cost of campaign to total number of leads generated

Uses of Conversion Tracking

By tracking conversions, it becomes possible for businesses to modify their
way of working, assess their audience quantitatively and qualitatively.
Certain uses are given below:

  • It becomes possible to understand which ads, keywords, ad groups, and campaigns best propel
    customer activity
  • It will facilitate the number of customers interacting with ads on a device and then converting
    on another
  • Check Return on Investment and be able to plan advertisement budget
  • By making use of flexible methods, optimizing campaigns in accordance with specific business
    objectives becomes possible
  • .

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Conversions Track your Efforts

Internet explosion has enabled numerous businesses to go online, with myriad websites pitching for business promotion. Conversion is said to occur when some visitor to your site responds to what you pitch for, takes an action that makes him your customer. In the race for attracting more and more number of potential customers and trying to get a considerable portion of them to turn customers, it becomes necessary to keep tabs on the statistics—on figures such as how many people visited your site, how many responded, and how many rejected. It helps businesses in several ways to move in the right direction as far as online ad campaigns are concerned.